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Quality Management

Dental QM for patient satisfaction, Dentist P. Tomovic in Frankfurt Westend

Dental QM - Quality Mangement in our dentistry - We want to provide the very best to our patients

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Radio Interview

With Mr. Tomovic on HR1: Anxiety patients:

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Recommendations and Reviews dental practice P. Tomovic, Frankfurt Westend

Your Dentist in Frankfurt am Main – Dental Practice Frankfurt-Westend

"Beautiful teeth without the pain and a good, lasting dental health is important to us! “

Dentist and dental technician P. Tomovic, Frankfurt Main, Westend
Dentist P. Tomovic

"Our aim: to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy for a lifetime!“

Our dental practice, located in Frankfurt in the south of Westend, not far from the Frankfurt train station, specialises in pain-free dental treatments (especially for patients with dentist fear), high-quality cosmetic dentistry, including Hollywood Smile. We stand for tooth conservation instead of dentures, and regular, highly professional prophylaxis. Our dental practice is also very advanced in the field of 3D-implantology, endodontics (root canals), periodontics, functional jaw movement analysis (TMJ) and orthodontics (straight teeth). We do anything to make sure your teeth stay healthy and beautiful and last for a lifetime.

And we take this very seriously indeed.

This is what we do to help your teeth stay beautiful and healthy throughout life.

This is what our dental practice in Frankfurt Westend attaches great importance to.

NEW in Frankfurt! Lumineers, the wafer-thin, „no prep veneers“ for everlasting snow-white teeth and a Hollywood smile – no drilling, no injections, no pain! 

P. Tomovic, dentsit in Frankfurt with the most recommendations on

Zur Detailseite von Zahnarzt - Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde in Frankfurt Westend - P. Tomovic

Dental practice P. Tomovic and colleagues are under the Top 10 dentists in Frankfurt on Jameda for cosmetic dentistry, implantology and parodontology.

Dental practice P. Tomovic and colleagues under the TOP 10 dentists for cosmetic dentistry, implantology and periodontology in Frankfurt on Jameda.

Recommended dentist in the Frankfurt press:

Here you can read the dentist recommendation in the Frankfurt news for dentist P. Tomovic, Frankfurt Westend
Recommended dentist in the Frankfurt press

Dentist for pain-free dental treatments and anxiety patients in Frankfurt

Dentist P. Tomovic, your dentist in Frankfurt specialised in pain-free dental treatments for patients with dentist fear and anxiety patients, as well as implantology, prophylaxis, professional dental hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, Hollywood smile and Lumineers. 

3D-Implantology in Frankfurt, Dentist P. Tomovic 

The central concern of our dentistry is your dental health.  Along with a detailed consultation on how you can keep or restore your beautiful smile, you can expect a pain-free treatment.  Many patients visit us upon recommendation particularly because of the sensitive, gentle treatments we perform in our dental practice.

As an anxiety patient you do not have to renounce implants or medical treatments. If required, we will treat you under general anaesthesia. Also, affixing Lumineers („no-prep-veneers“– the superior veneers) is completely pain-free since this procedure does not require any drilling. In our dental practice in Frankfurt Westend the dentists and the whole team look after all patients with the utmost care.  Due to our modern treatment methods using laser, special implants, intraoral camera and low radiation digital X-ray you do not have to fear any pain at all. Moreover, we offer full transparency on all costs. 

Tooth conservation instead of dentures

The conservation of natural teeth and healthy tooth substance, as well as dental prophylaxis, is the top priority of our dental practice in Frankfurt. This means for example that we prefer high quality porcelain fillings to dental crowns, if that can preserve the tooth substance. This not only protects your teeth, but also saves you money. In order to preserve your teeth for as long as possible, we recommend regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning.

Make your appointment in your dental practice P. Tomovic in Frankfurt Westend today!